Ultimate cleanser for dull and rough skin

dmcell aha cleanser glycolic peel scaling


🍃AHA Exfola Glycolic Cleanser with 10% glycolic acid that helps to exfoliate superficially while also stimulating deeper collagen production.

It is a great choice for your skin, thanks to its pore unclogging prowess, and it’s paired with other ingredients that really make this great for combating excess oil. And, it helps to disinfect and soothe purulent acne skin, thereby relieving troubled areas caused by inflammation.

🍀Bonus points for the lightly foaming lather that effectively removes dirt and oil without stripping your skin, so if you use this cleanser before peeling, it could be resulted in more effective of peeling.

And while glycolic acid cleansers can be tough to find at the drugstore, the 🌱AHA Exfola Glycolic Cleanser is a great wallet-friendly pick that’s also fragrance-free.


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    Could u send catalogue of all products and will u be interested to in whole sale .

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