Bio Seacil Exfola Kit
Bio Seacil Exfola Kit
Bio Seacil Exfola Kit
Bio Seacil Exfola Kit
Bio Seacil Exfola Kit
Bio Seacil Exfola Kit
Bio Seacil Exfola Kit
Bio Seacil Exfola Kit

Bio Seacil Exfola Kit

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Bio Seacil Exfola Kit (powder*8pcs / Activator*100ml)

What it does:

The main mechanism of Bio Seacil (spicule-very fine needle) is similar to Fraxel laser or MTS but it minimizes damage to epidermis. Bio Seacil is a skin renewal system that accelerates the skin regeneration by keratinizing skin on purpose and continously stimulating collagen and epidermis.

It's biological mechanism, different from chemical peeling, induces the release of epidermal exfoliating by stripping the stratum corneum naturally without any side effects. It gives skin new radiant texture making it clear, transparent, and elastic.


How to use:

First, Use AHA Exfola Glycolic Cleanser to match pH level with the peel.

Second, apply PLS solution with cotton pad

Third, Pour the Bio-seacil powder into a bowl and drop activator 8 times. (The mixed solution has to be watery)

Fourth, apply mixed solution onto the skin and massage them with pressure. If the solution becomes dry, drop activator onto face and massage more. Repeate it for 3 times.

Fifth, Put BNP Aqua mask on top of the face. (10minutes) *Put the mask in the refregelator beforehand to keep it cold

Sixth, Remove the mask and rest of the solution on the face. (Don't wipe everything too clean. so that spicules can stay in skin)



- Do not wash the face at least 48 hours. Gentle wash only with water will be okay. but not with cleansers. It's because spicules has to stay in the skin for 48 hours to stimulate collagen and regenerate skin.

- Keep skin hydrated all the time. Put a lot of EGF cream. Moisture is essential for skin to recover.

- After 3-4 days, give regeneration treatment using Bio Algin Mask (modeling mask)

What it contains:

  • Spirulina - Prevention of aging, Skin tone improvement, Skin moisturization, Mitigation of pigmentation, Wrinkle improvement
  • Microneedle - Silica needle
  • Houttuynia cordate – Atopy / Acne Improvement , Inflammatory treatment, removal of waste matter
  • Glycolic acid - Mitigation of pigmentation
  • Chamomile water - Skin soothing , Reduced red spots
  • Rose water - Skin soothing, Improve skin texture