Facial Protector AB30 Cream

Facial Protector AB30 Cream

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What it is?

AB30 cream is a water-soluble, non-comedogenic moisturizer with abundant peptides for anti-aging, dry and sensitive skin. It was made to relieve external skin irritation creating a firm and elastin skin.

What it does?

  • Prevents pigmentation and skin irritation from daylight exposure
  • Strongly removes damaged radicals
  • Gives a radiant complexion
  • UV protection

How to use?

At the end of basic skin care, take a suitable amount and apply on the face at least 30 minutes before exposure to ultraviolet rays.

What it contains?

Zinc Oxide – prevent and improve damage to sensitive and problematic skin. Protects the skin from harmful substances.

Niacinamide – whitening

RH Oligo Peptide-1, SH Oligo Peptide-1, SH Oligo Peptide-2 – strengthen the skin barrier and reduce wrinkles cause dry skin aging.

Adenosine – soothes the skin, energizes the skin’s surface making it look smooth and younger.

Ubiquinone – skin soothing, antioxidant.

Acemlla Oleracea – natural botox, moisturizing, soothing, enhance blood circulation. Effective for skin lifting, tightening and brightening.


Sunscreen gentle sunblock

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