Hydro Eye Cream

Hydro Eye Cream

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What it is?

It contains herbal ingredients, rosehip seed oil and antioxidants to prevent eye wrinkles and prevent aging. This is a high-performance eye cream that has been developed for the purpose of making the skin beautiful. This special cream will make your eyes look beautiful.

What it does?

  • Helps reduce eye pockets
  • Prevents wrinkles in the eyes
  • Restores and promotes elasticity

How to use?

After applying the toner, take a suitable amount of the product and apply on the face.

What it contains?

Fusibility Elastine – improves wrinkles and prevents aging

Marine Enzyme Extract – antioxidant

Ascorbic Palmitate – antioxidant

Rosehip Seed Oil – whitening, skin regeneration

Lecithin – regenerates the cells, activates the cells

Pine Sap – contracts pores

Rosemary – contracts pores

Chamomile – decreases the red spots and soothes the skin

Beta-glucan – antioxidant

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